awade0612 said: Hey, I bought Resonate/Desperate and then fell in love so I bought literally everything else but I went to buy Ugly on bandcamp and it's $7 for the single track? Is that right? I wouldn't mind the full price if I had a little more $$

no  its not right, it should be free.  we’ll fix it soon


state faults covered copeland and gee whiz did it make my night

ihopethisisgoodbye said: Do you guys have or are you guys gonna be making any more level grind shirts? i goofed up and didnt buy one =(


Beyond the ridge to the left, you asked me what I want 
Between the trees and cicadas singing around the pond 
"I spent an hour with you, should I want anything else?" 

One grinning wink like the neon on a liquor store 
We were sixteen, maybe less, maybe a little more 
I walked home smiling, I finally had a story to tell 

And though an autumn time lullaby 
Sang our newborn love to sleep 
My brother told me he saw you there 
In the woods one Christmas Eve, waiting 

I met my wife at a party, when I drank too much 
My son is married and tells me we don’t talk enough 
Call it predictable, yesterday my dream was of you 

Beyond the ridge to the west, the sun had left the sky 
Between the trees and the pond, you put your hand in mine 
Said, “Time has bridled us both, but I remember you too” 

And though an autumn time lullaby 
Sang our newborn love to sleep 
I dreamt I traveled and found you there 
In the woods one Christmas Eve, waiting
(originally by iron&wine)

celestialdefender said: when are yall gonna headline every stage on Vans Warped Tour?



[Live Video - Full Set] State Faults // Bridgetown DIY // 06.17.2014

(via statefaults)

zulk said: how long did it take to get so handsome?

i was born this way :-*

false-catharsis said: desolate peaks as a whole is a fucking stellar album, but arrowhead has to be my favorite song off that LP. If you don't mind explaining, what's that song about?

arrowhead is about the despair one feels when they’re facing a huge problem or problems and they can’t confide or ask anyone for help (i.e.: growing up in a religious family and getting your girlfriend pregnant when you’re 16)

we recorded resonate/desperate in four days over a year ago

ask us about it

tylerwcislo said: hey guys! you are one of my favorite bands and im working on a MV for your song sleep walker (if thats ok) also im a song writer and i wrote out an entire lyric album and now i just need a band, you guys would be my dream candidate. -tyler

Go ahead and do that mv. And are you asking us to sing lyrics you wrote…?