lavapeople asked: What influences your lyrics?

Just personal experience mostly. Lyricists that inspire me include Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Aaron Marsh, Anthony Green. Sometimes artwork like pieces by Rothko, Dali and Klimt stir up words. Nature, space, occult stuff

hellamathematics asked: How does Jonny do the Screamy thing and the singy thing so well without losing his voice?

just years of practice i guess haha.  when we first started i couldn’t even record a whole song without blowing out my voice.  a lot of singing warm ups help too

clitandra asked: Brotherbear u guys... Brotherbear :')

yep, that used to be our name

50gramhomegrown asked: wakka will wink & grin you into submission. how many members of the band like space jam.

Trick question EVERYONE loves space jam

50gramhomegrown asked: tuesdays nearly over. ill fight you from the future. blitzball sucks.

I suck at blitzball. Thus I hate it. And Wakka

noaspirationsnodreams asked: ayo what's going on lads?

Not much! Just drinking soda, playing FF7 and listening to U2. How’s your Monday? (Or maybe it’s Tuesday now)

buttwashington asked: Oh and do you guys like City of Caterpillar? Surely you must. Damn I want them to get back together.

Chyea! That self titled is awesome. You’re awesome

buttwashington asked: Do you ever play N64 and if so what's your favorite game for it

Why yes! I own an Atomic Purple one nbd. When we’re not doing band related things, we like to duke it out with some Mario Kart or Smash Bros. But when it’s just me, man, that’s tough. Cliche, but I guess Ocarina of Time. I also really liked Jet Force Gemini. And Paper Mario.

sedated-and-shameless asked: Tabs for meteor please?! I'll pay!

Haha, I don’t really know how to make guitar tabs? You can see the riffage though in next month’s segment of “I betcha can’t play this” by Guitar World Magazine

shawnhighways asked: Best gurl: tifa or aerith?

Oh man. I dunno, Tifa was a mega babe in that Advent Children movie. So I guess her